The End of an Error - How I Got My Domain Back

28 November 2015

Did it ever feel like this day would come?? It didn't for me, especially after my last crazed blog post how they wanted to sell my domain back to me for thousands of dollars. As well as charging me for actually contacting the person. 

I was finally sick of everyone's shit and after going to the hideous page that appeared when you clicked on I clicked their ugly button of "BUY THIS DOMAIN".

But it wasn't a simple add to cart, it was a message system where you had to make an offer and talk to the seller. I typed $150 into the offer box, and it said dun dun, this offer is too low, domains on here often go for thousands of dollars!

While I know that that is a thing, it is certainly not a thing that includes my blog domain name. So I sent them a quick message. 

Hi there, i would like to buy back my domain name. There is no way it is worth thousands of dollars, it is literally worthless to anyone but me as I have the corresponding blog name. If you are willing to offer it at a realistic price, let me know. 

They actually replied to my surprise! Well maybe half surprise. They would have been waiting for me I assume. They said no worries, and offered to sell it back to me at $200 USD. If you were unaware at current the AUD to USD conversion rate is just awful. Meaning that would be almost $300 in Australian currency. 

I replied calmly, that because of the current conversion rates I could not pay that much. But I could afford the max of $200 in Australian Dollars. Which is about $155 US. He responded yes I accept your offer. I asked how do I know I can trust you. (Gotta be careful) I paid through Paypal, so I'm protected and then he sent me my domain through "" which I'm now locked to for 2 months and it's the worst and least helpful domain site of all time. I hate it. 

It took me ages to set up my domain name and it was so frustrating, there was literally no help on their website at all! Ugh. I had to find assistance from all over the web. Until finally my domain was working on mobile and not on the computer?? WHY. 

I left it and went and watched Parks & Recreation, and when I returned everything worked fine. 
So here we are. I'm $200 poorer, and my blog views are finally looking up after the slowest month since I've started blogging ugh. 

So I'm looking forward to putting this all behind me, and knowing I've definitely learned my lesson. 

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  1. Costly error there!!!!!

  2. Oh wow, I can't imagine having to go through that! Glad to hear you got your domain back though.
    Yours Truly, NY

  3. It was good reading your domain name saga. I had troubles when I was first starting my blog. I changed my name like 4 times. Glad you got it back!

  4. God, that sounds TERRIBLE. $200 for a domain name is insane, but glad that that's over for you, Tegan. Welcome back, Permanent Procrastination!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  5. I'm so glad you got it back!

  6. So glad you got it back, but it's such a shame it cost so much to do so! :(

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  7. Wow, how stressful, and just an awful situation to be in. I'm glad you have it back now :)

  8. Oh wow...that's terrible!! Definitely a lesson I'll keep in the back of mind as I to through the enhancing my blog experience! =)

    Melanie Blog: Toots + Dill

  9. I'm so glad you were able to get it back! It's super crappy that you had to pay that amount... it's a bit absurd, but at least you were able to help let other people know not to make the same mistake! (which I am eternally grateful for!)

  10. Soooo glad you can finally put this behind you hun!

    Charlotte / Styleaked

  11. Aww Tegan, this sucks so much! I'm so sorry to hear, but glad that you can finally put it behind you! x

    Margarita Chi | MARGARITACHI.CO

  12. Oh my gosh FINALLY. Felt so bad reading your last couple of posts, what a headache! But yay, all done! x

    Katina |


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