Just Six Minutes

19 November 2015

I don't get fired up about much stuff. I can probably count on one maybe two hands, topics that I am passionate enough about to actually argue with someone about. Because I am incredibly chill. You know those people who seriously just want to have a heated discussion about everything, they are just waiting for you to disagree?? Not me. If it's not important, I'll just nod along. I couldn't care less. 

Animals are right up the top of the short list of things I will passionately argue about. People that laugh or are indifferent to animal abuse. Oh they make my blood boil. I'm not a confrontational person at all. I will avoid confrontation endlessly. But don't you dare leave your dog in the car. 

On Friday the 20th, in Australia it is meant to get to scorching temperatures of around 43 degrees celsius. That's about 110F. Do you know how ridiculously hot that it? It's crazy hot. It's not even Summer yet. At the beginning of the week I was wearing jeans and now before the end I'll be wishing I was in a pool in a bikini.

Here's the facts people. A stupidly large percentage of you are leaving your own children in the car on a hot day. These poor kiddies are the ones getting rescued by police and actually reported on, but we don't really know how many people are murdering their pets by leaving them in a hot car. 

In the first 12 days of October, in just one state of Australia, (QLD) the Roadside Assistance folks were called out to 75 incidents, to help remove children from cars. 75!! 
On a day where its 30 degrees out, it only takes around seven minutes for the car to reach 40 degrees. With the window cracked, and being parked in the shade making a "small and insignificant difference"

In just six minutes, on a hot day, you car can reach temperatures of up to 60 degrees! With it only continuing to rise! 6 minutes is all it takes to start to cause burns to your dog's skin. 

How could you do that to him??

After 15 Minutes

Your dog may already be suffering from heat stress. His body temperature could already be at a level that causes fatal irreparable internal injuries.

After 30 Minutes

Your dog could be displaying severe signs of heat stroke. These symptoms include excessive salivating, vomiting, diarrhoea, and disorientation.

After 1 Hour

Your dog could be in serious danger. Every minute more that your dog spends in the heat worsens his symptoms, prolongs his suffering and decreases his chance of survival. By now, your dog may begin convulsing and suffer internal haemorrhages and organ failure. His death can occur quickly or may follow hours — or up to 1-2 days —later, even after being removed from a hot car.

Causing animals to suffer in any way is a criminal offence. If your dog suffers as a result of being left in a car, you can be fined $5,500 and can spend six months in jail. If your dog dies as a result of being left in a car, charges include $22,500 in fines and two years in jail.

For a fact sheet on Heatstroke Prevention, and what to do if your dog has heatstroke. Click Here!

You could lose your best mate in just 6 minutes. Don't risk it. Don't leave your dog in the car. 

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  1. I love this post Tegan, it is a good cause to be passionate about!

    Kez | acaciasdreams.com

  2. Wow, loved this post. This is so important.

    Hannie Arden from Missing Wanderer.

  3. I get so angry when I see dogs in cars, especially in the hot weather. It makes me want to smash the window and get them out. I saw someone leave their baby in a car once too (car still running while they nipped in the shop). What is wrong with people? Well done for sharing this hun xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  4. This post is SO spot on. What a great cause to stand up for!


  5. I had no idea how bad it can actually be! I'd never leave my dog in the card before but I'll be so much more aware now- even if it's just for a little while. It's a great idea to bring attention to this!

    Georgia Jade | The Weekend Attic

  6. Omg YES! This is the kind of thing I get heated over too and I've seen it too many times in summer. All I want is to run over and save the poor pup, I don't understand why some people think it's okay? So important though and something many people don't even think about.

  7. Well done! I agree with you. I hate it when people leave dogs in cars, it really is so cruel!
    Fix Me In Forty Five - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
    Blog Lovin' // Instagram

  8. Yes, this is so important! Also to not have kids be in the same situation, too. Can you believe that some people break car windows to save pets/children when they notice this, and the owners/parents try to sue because the person broke their car window?? It's pretty ridiculous, and I think this is something that everyone should be aware of.

    becky ♡ star violet

  9. When I was younger we had greyhounds and after a race this one man parked next to us put his greyhounds in the back of his car leaving no windows open. Wales is a cold country, but when a greyhound has just ran a race they are extremely hot. When we returned to the car with our own dog to go home we saw them trying to save it. My dad even tried to resuscitate it, but sadly the poor dog had died from head stroke. It's really no laughing matter, and when people do it to babies too it's just appalling.


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