My 3 Fav Lip Products

30 May 2016

I'm super excited to bring you this post in collaboration with two other babin' local bloggers from my area. Newcastle, Australia! All three of us girls are sharing our 3 favourite lip products with you today.  So read onwards, and make sure you follow the links over to their blogs and check out their lippy picks too!

Rare Days Off

24 May 2016

Working two jobs means it's hard to find a free day to do much of anything. Especially relax. So when I do get a day off, it's difficult to pick just one thing to do. Find time to relax, blog, catch up on tv shows, finally get that cleaning and laundry done. 

It's kind of depressing to clean on your day off, and there's not usually anyone free to hang out on a random Tuesday.  Not that I want to share my only day free with anyone. I want it all to myself.

Splitting Cases with Pointy & the Moose

22 May 2016

Back in February I got approached by a local podcast duo about featuring in one of their upcoming recordings. It was exciting to be thought of and also nerve wracking. After a few minor setbacks like being too sick to actually talk, I finally got around to participating!

Splitting Cases with Pointy and the Moose is a fortnightly podcast where they split a case [of beer] and chat with a friend or guest about a pop culture topic of their choice. I brainstormed hard on a topic that I actually know a lot about. Which seems silly, but I really wasn't sure. I finally settled on one of my main loves. The Marvel Universe!

Core Espresso

20 May 2016

I've been a sad sap due to working so much like all the time. It also means I hardly to get to see Josh, even though we live together gosh darn it. Which seems like it would be impossible, but it's really not. Especially as he works nights, we mostly only seem to see the other while they're sleeping.

I finally had a day off, and Josh is going to Sydney for the day/night to do some for some uni course workshops. I'll see him tomorrow evening, but in order to enjoy a rare free morning together we decided to go out for breakfast. Core Espresso is a bit of a hidden gem along Darby Street, on the opposite side and up a bit further than most cafes. It's the second time I've been there for breakfast, and I had the same thing both times. 

Lovedale Long Lunch

17 May 2016

Lovedale Long Lunch is a progressive style lunch where food and wine lovers come to discover the wonders of Lovedale. Or in other words get completely plastered. The Long Lunch is like a music festival for "proper adults" where you can prove that just because you're over 50, it doesn't mean you don't want to get drunk and dance in a moshpit. 

About 40 minutes from my home town is a well known "wine country". The Hunter Valley. With far too many wineries and restaurants for me to count, it's the perfect location for a wine tour or a long lunch. 

Lovedale Long Lunch involves 7 wineries in the Lovedale area. You buy your ticket, choose three wineries to visit and grab a wine glass. You'll also get some tickets to exchange for food and cheese platters. 

My Guest Piece in Newcastle Mirage

15 May 2016

I was invited by the creators of a local Art & Culture Zine to contribute a piece for this month's edition. The zine is Newcastle Mirage and I was honoured to be considered for a guest piece truly!

The zine is printed and distributed to hundreds of cafes, bars and retail locations around the Greater Newcastle area so it was pretty cool to get some of my writing out there. 

My article was on four local blogs to follow. Where I pinpointed some sweet blogging talent from the area that I live in. It was a lot of fun to write about some of my favourite bloggers, and see my writing printed out for lots of people to see!

April Round Up

8 May 2016

I'm full of excuses to where I've been and it's all because of this wonderful PS4 game called The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. I'm working 9-5, countless days in a row. I get home and I want to veg out so I've been playing the game. The storyline in this is hectic, unlike anything I've ever seen before. With as much random shit to do as Skyrim, (one of my all time favs) except you play the main character Geralt of Rivia. Who you fall in love with as you play. Well I did anyway.

Anyway that's 100% where I've been, and I assume that will continue until I finish the game... It's a very long game I'm sorry. My PSN name is "Teegly" if you want to friend me though!

Now April.. what did I do in April. 

April Bellabox

1 May 2016

This April I received my first Bellabox and I was really keen to see what goodies I would receive. 
I was lucky enough to receive my first Bellabox for only $10! Which was definitely a large contributor to why I decided to finally give it a go. 

So take a look at some of the goodies I received this month!

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