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12 December 2018

We’ve all agreed that animals suffering for us to look good is wrong, right? Few people now willingly buy makeup animals have died for. Makeup is a privilege, not a necessity, after all. Putting a living creature through that level of suffering for it is immoral at best. The trouble is, when you start digging, you may find that most of the makeup brands you use right now are involved with animal testing in some way.

Many of the brands we know put at least some of their budget towards this. So many brands are guilty that you may feel like a rabbit in headlights when you first decide to shop more ethically. All of a sudden, every high-street brand you thought you could trust is off-limits. You’ll be left staring at those shelves without a clue what you can actually buy.

It can be so frustrating that you may just pick up those tested products and promise to do better next time. But, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. In reality, getting on top of a vegan makeup bag is easy if you do these things.

Research a few brand names

The thing that’s going to help you the most here is knowing a few brand names before you go. While you once had the pick of any makeup stand, that isn’t the case now. As such, this is going to be a lot easier for you if you know which brands to reach for.

In high street makeup, options like Barry M are an excellent go-to. Companies like Gloss & Co. are the perfect option for your vegan nail polish needs. Brands like Lush even have whole shops full of cruelty-free skincare goodies for you to get your hands on. Once you know these names, shopping sustainably should be as easy as ever.

Download an App

If you still like the idea of finding new brands while you’re out, get an app to give you a hand.
The increased awareness of animal cruelty means there are now plenty to choose from.

The Leaping Rabbit is probably the most well-known out of these options. It allows you to scan any barcode to check against approved cruelty-free lists. PETA themselves have even released a similar app called Bunny Free. With these in hand, you can check anything at the click of a button.

Know the tell-tale signs

At the very least, you can look out for tell-tale signs and they should be enough to guide you. As mentioned, most beauty shoppers are now aware of animal cruelty in the beauty industry.

As such, the beauty brands which are tackling this often do what they can to make that fact apparent. Some will advertise themselves as vegan.

Others will display the PETA rabbit symbol on all their packaging. By looking out for these, you can rest easy that you’re shopping right without having to do a single bit of planning. That way, you can remain cruelty-free, even when you have to do some last minute shopping.

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