Cya 2018! - Resolution Results

29 December 2018

Twenty Eighteen is coming to a close, in what has been another very eventful but fast-paced year. As my 26th year of life, I feel I've again learnt a lot and have finally enacted some positive changes that do appear to be sticking. 

So without further ado, I will be sharing with you how I fared at my 2018 Resolutions. With a glance back at my 2017 goals at the end, as sometimes it can take longer than a year to really get your life in order. 

Go to the Gym at Least 3 Times a Week ✓

Two weeks before my 26th birthday, which falls in November. I joined a local women's CrossFit gym called Lissome. If you follow me on Instagram, you will surely see me talk about it all the time on stories, often sharing pictures and videos from my classes. There are various reasons why it took me so long to finally sign up to Lissome, effort and cost are two but in the end, it has been the best decision I have made all year. 

I have been going at least 4 or 5 times each week, and enjoying every bit! In a way that I never did when I was attending BodyPump classes on my own of a morning. The motivation is not even comparable, and I wake up every morning (rather early) excited to go and exercise! 

Read More (12 Books) ✓

I'm unsure if I've read 12 books, but the overall goal was to read more and to hopefully start reading in my lunch breaks which I have! I'm currently rereading the Harry Potter series, and I have read a few bits and pieces throughout the year as well. 

So while I am unsure of the number, I know that I'm on track and sure to continue. 

Start a Skincare Regimen + Stick to it ✓

I think what makes a Skincare Regimen good and one that you will stick to is one that is not too difficult or much effort. I always remove my makeup before bed, a great first step. Then I alternate between using this amazing resurfacing toner after cleansing with my Avene Cleanance gel which I love! I also have a few products from The Ordinary that I use. This is of a night time. In the morning after the gym, I use a cleanser and then I always moisturise. Simple but effective. 

Shop Smarter (Especially with Clothes) ✓

I'm definitely shopping smarter than I used to. I am focusing on having one style aesthetic, which the book "The Curated Closet" definitely helped me with. Creating a Pinterest board that matches that style to give you inspiration and then trying to only shop items that match that style. 

It's actually harder than you would think, but it does stop you from doing as much unnecessary shopping. So that is definitely a plus.

Spend Less Time on My Phone ✓

My phone is a big part of my downtime and two jobs, which makes this a bit tough. But overall my phone usage time is down! The new built-in app on iPhone "Screen Time" has been telling me every week that my usage is down from the week before. Reading during my lunch breaks instead of browsing social media, definitely contributes to that. In fact, every time I choose to read, I'm likely reading during a time I would have generally used to be on my phone. 

Start Planning & Book A Holiday 𐄂

Probably the most disappointing of all of these goals to have failed but there you have it. This is still ultimately one of my main plans but life just didn't have this in the cards for me this year. I do have a small getaway in Melbourne coming up shortly, but that is all. In the meantime, I guess I will just keep saving!

- - -

Special Mention - Some Goals from 2017

In the past, I haven't been as successful at the goals I've set for myself as I was this year. But here are two goals from last year that I'm nailing!

 - Manage a Sleeping Routine & Wake Up Earlier ✓
After joining Lissome, this has become a breeze! For probably the first time in my life. I've generally got a 10pm bedtime and 5.25am wakeup, or 7am when I'm not headed to the gym. 

- Stop Eating Meat ✓
I continued to nail this goal for another year, eating vegetarian is a breeze. 

- - - 

How have you gone with the goals you have set for yourself in 2018? I'd love to hear!
I better start brainstorming some goals for 2019, so stay tuned for that blog post as well!

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  1. Wow - you did so well, I'm super impressed!! I've pitched mine so low this year in the hope to actually achieve them - sneaky :-)


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