A Year of Suki

31 December 2018 2 Ocean St, Newcastle NSW 2300, Australia

This year I started my journey from drab to fab, with my hair. I Switched to Suki and the girls there took me under their wing and started whipping my hair into shape. Now I didn't come to them with damaged hair or zero clues about it. I have some idea, though they've really opened my eyes to good hair products and shampoo.

I'm very lucky to get the chance to visit them so often and have my hair maintained every month by Hannah and the rest of the crew. I'm always so indecisive about my hair. I want it to be nice and interesting but still match my aesthetic. So not too out there, but a little different. Which is why I have my blunt bangs and undercut. It adds a little bit of interest, and I love having the blonde ends. 

It allows me to play with blonde in my hair without really any of the upkeep, as I have my natural roots.

A little flashback to my first visit and my most recent. Making myself at home! I kept cutting my hair shorter and shorter but now I'm thinking maybe I would like a length rather in between these two lengths. I'm just not one for looking after long hair. I'm busy with two jobs and going to the gym every morning makes my hair a bit greasy which doesn't help as it just means I have to wash it more often! Even though this dry shampoo does help a lot.

I would really like to mix it up a bit more though! I think that is what 2019 will be bringing for me and my Suki journey! So stay tuned! You can also follow my thought process via my Pinterest Hair Board to see what looks I'm vibing currently. As well as my Instagram, you know for constant hair updates!

I still have a guide up on my story highlights, with some of my favourite Suki products and how I use them to give myself overnight curls! So have a peek at that!

Have a happy new year! I can't wait to see more of you in 2019!

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