Maintaining My Hair with Suki

2 August 2018 2 Ocean St, Newcastle NSW 2300, Australia

I've been writing for a little bit now about how I've Switched to Suki I'm sure you've seen! I wanted to tell you all about the shampoo and conditioner that I have been using to maintain my blonde ends but I somehow forgot to write this post after I took the photos for it! Oops!

I've actually started using a few different products on my hair, but these ones help to maintain my hair colour and the quality of my hair after it has been coloured.

Loreal Professional - Silver Shampoo

If you've got blonde hair, you should be using a silver shampoo. This shampoo will look purple but don't worry you're not about to dye your whole head!  This colour clarifying shampoo will brigten and renew your blonde or grey hair. The Gloss Protect System, enriched with amino acids and anti-yellowing agents, counteracts unwanted brassy tones. So I don't have to worry about my lovely creamy blonde ends going a gross colour.  I only need to use this once a week, or whenever I think my hair needs it really. 

Loreal Professional - Smartbond Step 3

The Smartbond Conditioner is the take home third step in the Smartbond collection of hair products!
The first two steps include an additive to your hair dye, and a shampoo to make sure your hair is in great condition when it comes to applying dyes to your hair. 

I can continue that treatment with the Smartbond conditioner! I don't use this all the time, I like to pair it with my Silver Shampoo about once a week.  It's enriched with ceramides to nourish, strengthen and repair my hair.

I do love that I can treat my hair and keep it looking salon fresh at home!
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