Exciting Things to Do and See in Australia

7 November 2019

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If you are planning a trip to Australia, then you will know what an exciting experience this can be. You may feel as though there is so much for you to see and even more to do, but you need to make sure that you plan out everything you can in advance, or you may end up missing out.

Explore Fraser Island

The biggest sand island in the world is incredibly popular with tourists. You can camp there, swim or even go hiking if you want. The rustic beauty is very easy to access if you live in the mainland and you can even hire a 4WD if you want. When you do, you can then take a trip across the island. You can’t go too deep in the water though, as there are sharks that swim across the island. The tour guide will be able to show you where’s safe and where isn’t.


Cairns is the gateway to Queensland. Coming here opens the door to visiting the Great Barrier Reef, the Atherton Tablelands, Daintree forest and so much more. Cairns in itself has plenty to do and if you want to make the most out of your time here then it helps to stay for at least a few days. When you do, you will be able to explore the area while also having plenty of time to lounge by the pool. Sure, the city itself may be small but you will almost certainly be left wanting more.


Daintree is one of the oldest rainforests in the world. It’s even older than the Amazon. You can easily go on hikes there and when you do, you will be able to see everything that this spectacular region has to offer. Before you go on your hike, it does help to make sure that you have some insect repellent and other basic medical supplies. You can buy some treatments online if you are already in Australia, and when you do, you can get them delivered right to your door. 
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Some of the hikes that are available in Daintree range from beautiful mountains to waterfalls, cliffs and dense jungle. If you want to boost your experience even more then the best way for you to do this would be for you to go to Cape Tribulation. Jellyfish are in the water though, so don’t be tempted to take a dip if you get too overheated.

Sunday Sessions in Perth

Perth is the west-coast capital of Australia and this is one of the many locations that is often overlooked by travellers. It’s expensive but it’s one of the best places for you to visit if you love to have a good pint. The beaches here are not to be missed and the scenery there is well and truly spectacular.

Explore the Outback

No trip to Australia would be complete without some kind of trip to the outback. When you go there, you will see lakes, valleys, crocodiles and even the red desert too. If you want some places to visit, then make sure that you check out the Litchfield National Park and the Karijini National Park too.

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Gold Coast

Australia really is famous for surfing. One of the best places for you to learn how to surf would be on the Gold Coast. This is located right outside Brisbane and it’s home to world-class waves. The beach is super wide and there are often professionals who are more than happy to give you a lesson or two. If you're interested in surfing but want a more quiet time Byron Bay is just a short trip away.

Wine Country

It doesn’t matter whether you go to the Hunter Valley, the Barossa Valley or even the Margret River, because you will always be given the chance to taste Australian wine right from the source. Visiting the various wineries that are dotted around should always be on your list of things to do. If you can rent a car then you will be able to stay longer and you can even take a guided tour when you get there.

Ningaloo Reef

The Great Barrier Reef often gets a ton of hype, but really, the Ningaloo Reef deserves a lot of credit too. It’s less developed and it doesn’t attract a ton of tourists, but that’s one of the many reasons why it’s so great. There are tons of fish there and you can even swim with whale sharks too. The reef comes all the way to the shore so you can swim up to it in your own time.

Western Australia

When you travel to Western Australia, you will be able to see the Coral Bay, Ningaloo Reef and even Broome. It’s way less developed when compared to the east coast and you will need to travel a bigger distance between each place. There also isn’t a big tourist infrastructure either, so you will have to rely on buses to get you around. If you do make the trip there though, you will soon find that it is full of sightseeing opportunities. Nature there is very much untouched, and this is ideal if you are an avid photographer.


Tasmania is very much off the beaten track. Everyone knows the name but not many people actually make the trip down there. That being said, it’s well worth the visit. It has some incredible hikes and the bays there are well and truly fantastic. It’s only a ferry ride away from Melbourne and if you have the time then you should certainly pay it a visit.

The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains can be found right out of Sydney. They really are a fantastic place for you to explore and this is especially if you are taking your car with you. As you adventure into the rainforest, you will see everything from kangaroos to parrots and even kookaburras too.

Karri Trees

This is another underrated sight in Australia. The Karri forests can be found in Southwestern Australia. These towering trees are a testament to how diverse nature there is and they are only a couple of hours out of Perth.


The area of Kimberly is known for its wilderness. If you don’t mind things getting rugged, then this should certainly be on your travel itinerary. The Gibb River Road runs throughout the region and when you go there, you will see gorges, desert landscapes, freshwater pools and more. If you are an avid adventurer, then this is the ultimate location for you to visit.

Kakadu National Park

This park is home to a biodiverse nature reserve. It encompasses rivers, wetlands and more. The saltwater crocodiles, flatback turtles and even bird species there, are truly incredible. You will also be able to see aboriginal rock paintings too if you look hard enough. Tours are often done here so if you want to find out more, then you can easily sign up with one so you can find out everything you need to know.
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