Transforming Your Home Into Your Dream House

1 November 2019

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Back when you were younger, you surely had an idea of what the house of your dreams would look like. You might even have spent hours drawing it to display proudly on your bedroom desk to ensure you never forgot it.

It’s also likely that such a house was not feasible. Just like Joey’s giant hand-shaped house in Friends, the big plans of our youth don’t always work out. But this is okay. Everyone’s tastes change over time, and now your dream house is probably entirely different. Now you’ve grown up and found a place to call your own, though, you can get the home of your dreams with fixes both little and big.

The Little Fixes

If your house feels on the cusp of perfection, then it might just be missing a few things that truly make it your own. There are plenty of little fixes you can make to your house to achieve perfection. It’s just about finding the right one for you.

Consider what you love in life. If could be art, books, family, travel or whatever you like, you can spice up the interior and exterior of your home by adding little touches of you. It’s your home, so don’t be afraid to show off souvenirs, crafts, and photographs to make your home feel like something you can love.

The Bigger But Not Huge Fixes

Perhaps you’ve tried making little fixes around the home, but it still doesn’t feel quite so perfect to you. Instead, you can look into altering the interior and layout of the house to improve comfort and happiness.

Start by rearranging the furniture, as this can make it feel like a brand new home, but you might need to invest in new furniture so that everything fits. Also, consider upgrading the windows. Not only will this help the house feel fresh, but it can also make it more energy-efficient, so you can focus the extra money on other things to transform your home.

The Big Fixes

Sometimes, the little and even medium fixes just won’t do, and so you feel the need to undertake a big fix to finally get the home that you’ve been searching for. Doing anything too drastic, such as moving house, may not work. However, you can look at renovations to get over that hump.
Adding extensions to the house is what most people do, as it can increase the value of the home and give you and your family some extra space to enjoy your home. 

But if there’s no room to add an extension, try modernising your home. You can start by pulling up the old carpets and replacing them with timber flooring, redesigning the kitchen or call in the plumber in to transform your bathroom. Many homes have not been changed since they were built, so embrace the prospect of change for greater happiness.

The House of Your Dreams

It may not be the house you scribbled in the back of every school book growing up, but now you know what you want, it’s the house you realise you’ve always dreamed of. We should all feel comfortable and happy in our homes, and making changes, however large or small, is the answer to that.
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