A Complete Guide on How to Monetize Your Blog in 2021

26 December 2020

The Internet has opened new realms of monetizing creative writing and analytical skills. Blogging is fast becoming an integral part of branding awareness and marketing campaigns by established businesses, including multinationals. With many businesses and organizations working overtime to increase traffic to their websites, bloggers are in high demand. Blogging is a lucrative gig that earns bloggers life-changing and fast money.

However, the Internet is awash with bad advice on how to monetize blogs. Most of the recommendations treat blogging as a hobby, whose success is reliant on your passion and half-hearted efforts by bloggers. However, successful monetization of blogging goes beyond honing your writing skills. 

The following guide will hopefully help you scale up your blog into a moneymaker:

Prepare in advance

Before you fill a cup of coffee and start typing a blog post, ensure that you are ready for the journey ahead. You are better off with a memorable domain name, blogging software, and web hosting services. Let your website include thriving themes and features that captivate audiences. You can handle the technical bit of blogging with less hassle after installing the software in your web host. Opt for self-hosted, and open-source blogging software and tools that are free and easy to use.

Choose and validate a blogging niche

Blogging allows you to write articles on numerous topics. Research your niche and ensure that you select an area that has the potential of eliciting reactions and generate traffic to your blogs. Your preferred topic or niche must show growth potential. Your audience must be interested in your blog posts to generate income.

Study Google trends and analyze trending topics on social media. 

You can opt for commonly blogged niches while also leveraging your expertise. Invest in an app or software that helps you keep updated on the field. Software and SEO tools, such as MetaTrader 4, can help foreign exchange bloggers keep track of market movements in real-time. Base your topic choices on market demands and not solely on your passion. 

Create high-quality content

Always be intentional with the articles you create. In-depth articles, written with the right keywords, tend to generate high traffic. Therefore, ensure that all your articles meet particular targets, especially in terms of traffic generation.

Market your blogs

Don’t be afraid to spend extra dollars on brand awareness and marketing. Remember, you are building a powerful brand that can earn you money, not a hobby. Use social media, such as Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook, to generate traffic to your blog. Enlist the help of friends and loved ones to promote your blog on their social media handles. Alternatively, you could turn to websites like TokMatik to purchase followers, which will help to then gain organic followers once you've kickstarted your social media traffic.

Source for and promote ads and affiliate links

In addition to amazing content, you can also generate traffic and monetize your blog by promoting ads and affiliate links. You can use your email list to promote these ads and links. Additionally, you can include the links on your posts or website.

Blogging is more than a hobby. You can generate income by monetizing your blogs. Start your blog and make money by purchasing a domain name and hosting services. Invest in tools and software to help you create unique content that generates traffic to your posts and affiliate links.