Insta Sydney - June 2014

12 Jun 2014

I went on a 2 night venture into Sydney to explore Vivid and do some shopping as well as going  to IMAX to see the new How To Train Your Dragon 2. Which was great by the way.

I managed to instagram quite a few snaps of the city.

Payday Wishlist 12/6

Hey Big Spender.

Woop woop. Today is my fortnightly payday and I've already collected some things I would love to splash my cash on.

May on Instagram

4 Jun 2014

Instagram is a great place to post cute photos of your pets, what you're eating, and a bajillion selfies. Even if you hate it you sort of love it too. Here's what I got up to this May.

1. Beautiful Sunflowers in the Nursery at my work.
2. Me and my bestie starting our new job at Bunnings. Go team!
3. Super pretty architecture in this old theatre that is now just a weird vintage consignment store.
4. Talk Shit Get Hit. Sansa vs Robin, via tumblr.
5. Coot Selfies with button up kitten shirts.
6. Burritos at Guzman Y Gomez, who wants the D?
7. I cut my hand open on my iMac. ://
8. Two work friends and I built this sexy chicken coop at work! Legends.
9. Cootie Patootie dog Zizou, who is owned by my boyfriend's sister.

1. Taken on my birthday, but posted for Mother's Day!
2. Bestie's Star Wars Birthday! She's Bobba Fett and I'm Lady Han Solo
3. Her super cool R2D2 Cake
4. Eating noodles with my learner chopsticks.
5. Poorly made sign, clearly by old people who refer to the music festival "Groovin' the Moo" as "Groove in the Moove".
6. New Dr Martens! Thanks Dad!
7. Super sweet moon necklace that has the moon that was visible on the day of my birth.
8. Homemade Pizza nights. Delish.
9. Me stealing all of the popcorn at the cinema while my boyfriend went to move the car.

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Stay sweet! x

June Goals

2 Jun 2014

New month, new goals to work towards.
I might add some more if I think of them later, I'll just update this post.

1. Get My Full License

This is important, because I think my current one expires in July anyway. But it's time. I just need to read through the full license test guide. Book the test in, and then go and do it! Woo.

2. Monday Morning Body Scrub

If you haven't heard of Frank the body scrub you should really get onto that. It's an amazing natural coffee scrub that works on getting rid of all your skin's imperfections, like scars, stretch marks, cellulite and skin conditions like eczema. It works too! I have a few things I'd like to clear up, scars on my cheeks, a little bit of cellulite on my bum, and some mini stretch marks on my hips. I'm going to scrub every Monday morning and hopefully with a month's usage I'll be able to see the difference!

3. Save $150 a week

Not only will this be adding to my growing savings fund, but the amount is to prepare me for when I move out and start paying rent. I'll be spending around that much per week on rent.

4. Cull down my Wardrobe

I posted about how I started to clear out my wardrobe, I've done well so far but there's still a long way to go. I recently counted my coathangers that are in use and there was close to 150! Obviously I am also hanging a lot of things that could be folded away because I have a large amount of hanging space, things like hoodies and lazy shirts. I just bought some nice black wooden coathangers online as well. So when they get here I'll only want my nice things on them .

May Goals - Update

Okay so I had set myself 6 goals to complete in May. The results aren't exactly fantastic. Though I would like to use the excuse that I started a new job in May and worked quite a lot more than I am used to and still need practice fitting in other things around it.

Here's what goals I set myself for May:

1. Get My Full License - FAIL

I made the steps towards this but definitely didn't complete it. I got the book that I have to read through to learn what I have to do for my full license test but every time I went to read it I decided I wanted to do something else instead..

2. Save $10 a week towards Elder Scrolls - DONE

Incredibly lame, but I actually did do this. $10 a week into a teapot of cash. I really want Elder Scrolls Online when it comes out and it will probably be around $100 not to mention the $15 a month subscription fee.

3. Stick to a Better Sleeping Routine - DONE

This was pretty important since I had quite a few days with 4:30-5:00am wake ups. Which means I needed to be in bed pretty early to ensure I got enough sleep. Now I've got to just keep up the good sleeping pattern, not the 5am rises though.

4. Have A Higher Savings Percentage - DONE

I track my spending with an App called Spendee which I've written about before, and I put in my earnings, spendings, savings & bills in there as they go. Which gives me a nifty little pie chart on what percentage of my overall earnings I'm saving each month. This month I saved 51% of my pay check and that is such an improvement & I'm so proud of me.

5. Read the Divergent Trilogy - FAIL

I was really keen for this one but I just didn't give myself any reading time at all when I should have. I made it halfway through book one on like June 1st and then I never continued. So that was silly. I could have finished all 3 in the first week. But no. I did see a ridiculous amount of new movies though..

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