October Goals - Updated

31 Oct 2014

I really should have checked back at my October goals list at some point. Ah well. I can't even really say that I have been busy really. It's the next 2 months that will be non stop.

1. Keep Calm & Carry On - MOSTLY YES
Work was/is super stressful this month. I just really need to get through to the end of the year.

2. Worry Less - HA PROBABLY NOT
I get this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach and I think I have had it all month. Worrying less is more work than just telling myself to do so. 

3. Beach more! - NOPE
Josh is my beach buddy really, and he has had so much uni work that he's just been busy all the time, and I don't live near the beach (yet!) So this was definitely a fail. 

4. Post More! Again - SUPER DONE
Yeah! At least I did this! I love creating posts. So that's fun. 

5. Start Booking Accommodation for our Vacation! - NO..
Well my passport arrived, but again with Josh being super busy, we haven't been able to sit down and start booking yet. 

Oh and

And don't forget, if you don't feel like dressing up and anyone comments, just listen to the wise words of Wednesday Addams. 

5 Fall Favourites

29 Oct 2014

While it's been heating up over here in Aus, the warmer seasons getting into full swing, it's only been getting cooler in the North. Winter is well and truly coming. I love the Autumn weather because you can start to rug up, without having to wear 20 layers to keep warm.

In case you have no idea what to wear this Fall, I've compiled a list of 5 key pieces that I can't wait to wear.

Check them out!

1. An Oversized Sweater

My Pick: BDG Shaker Turtleneck Sweater - Urban Outfitters
There's nothing better to throw on for instant warmth, whether it's with jeans, leggings or your favourite skirt ensemble. Mustard is a perfect fall colour that looks great when paired with navy or black. 

2. Ripped Jeans 

My Pick: Moto Sulphur Wash Ripped Joni Jeans - Topshop
Long pant weather is just beginning, so you can wear these stylish ripped jeans without freezing your kneecaps off. These jeans are ripped just the right amount so that they're not over the top, and the navy colour goes with so many things. Including that oversized sweater above!

3. Knitted Headband 

My Pick: Embellished Ear Warmer - Urban Outfitters
A pretty change from the regular ole beanie, I love knitted headbands, and this one comes with a lovely beaded trim. These both keep your ears and head nice and toasty while out in the crisp Fall breeze. They're pretty darn classy looking too. 

4. Mules

My Pick: Platform Faux Leather Mules - Forever 21
These babies are at the top of my shoe wishlist. Mules are back, in a more revamped style than their chunkier 90s counterparts. This type of shoe looks great with cuffed boyfriend jeans, or midi skirts. I love them in black leather, but you can get them in almost any colour made from a variety of materials. 

5. A Lighter Day to Night Coat

My Pick: Wool-Blend Herringbone Coat - Forever 21
I'm a big fan of grey, and the herringbone pattern works so well on this coat. It's casual enough to wear to lunch with the girls, and dressy enough to wear out later that night. Monochrome colours never go out of style. Rock this jacket with black shorts or pants, and a sweet white/light grey top. Don't forget your ankle boots. 

Ready to start shopping?

Purchasing up all your own fall favourites can do wonders for your closet, and a lot of damage to your bank balance. But did you know that you can buy gift cards for all your favourite stores at a cheaper price than what they're worth, so that you can actually save money whilst shopping??

Raise is an awesome new online store that let's you buy discounted gift cards for all your fave retailers. Raise also let's you sell your own unwanted gift cards online for cash!
(I know that every Christmas I accumulate so many unwanted giftcards... Thanks Gran)

 Raise has gift cards for so many great stores, including Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Topshop and H&M.
So what are you waiting for??

Cya! xx

Designing an Entryway // Ideas + Inspiration

28 Oct 2014

The countdown is on, it's not long now until I can start moving stuff into my new place. In fact the current tenants, my partner's sister & her new husband, are moving out on the 1st of November into their new home.

Our brand new beautiful lounge is getting delivered to the townhouse on the 7th, which is super exciting. Unfortunately we are no longer getting floorboards put into the house, but on the upside that means we don't have to wait for any renovations to finish before we start moving furniture in.

I'm no stranger to pinterest, and I have been pinning many many ideas for our new home. One of the sections I was super interested in styling was our entryway. After seeing so many beautiful entryways online, like this one;

I love it! It's beautiful, and functional. Plus don't you just love that door!

The entryway of the townhouse poses a different challenge as the front door is at the beginning of a short but narrow hallway, with the staircase on one side, and a small portion of wall where the is another door, leading in from the garage. (photos of the space to come!)

Guests will be mostly using the front door while Josh & I would most likely be going through the garage door. So I started searching for some inspiration on especially narrow entryways, and how people have styled them, so that they don't take up too much space but so they still work well.

Photo from Happy Interior Blog

Photo from Nordic Days
Photo from Apartment Therapy
Photo from Elisabeth Heier

Notice anything familiar? Everyone has discovered the amazingness of IKEA's shoe cabinets. These babies are perfect for hallways and entryways because of how narrow they are! That one above only has a depth of 17cm! They are meant for shoes but you can realistically store anything you like in there.

I'm sold! So here's my current wishlist of things to create a great entryway. I can't wait to start shopping!

  1. Bandit Girl Print - Something that I actually already own and love, the print would look great in a black frame propped on top of the shoe cabinet. 
  2. Hemnes Shoe Cabinet - Can store at least 8 pairs of shoes, works as a perfect entryway table and is both narrow enough to fit in the hallway as well as being functional by storing our shoes.
  3. IKEA Wall Rail - While I'm not 100% set on this specific one, we would like some hooks to put next to our shoe cabinet, to hang any bags or coats on. 
  4. Dachshund Letter Organiser - This cutie can sit on the cabinet and keep track of our mail. 
  5. Shoes Off Mat - Both functional, amusing and good advice. This will go on the outside of the door, but still is technically for the entryway. 
  6. Stave Mirror - It will be the only full length mirror downstairs, and come on, sometimes you need to double check your appearance before you walk out the door.
  7. Stay Awhile Wall Hook - Perfect to hang both of our keys from, the text is relevant to an entryway and the gold cursive is very pretty. My favourite key hook that I've come across. 
  8. IKEA Artificial Plant - The final piece, a cute plant in a pretty pot, to sit alongside everything else. 

I can't wait until I can start purchasing everything and setting it all up!

Cya! xx

Let's Buy Stuff

24 Oct 2014

Due to an error on ASOS' behalf, they apologised with a code for 25% off, which I put to good use, finally getting some nice denim high waisted shorts. I really wanted some in a vintage denim. I love my stripes, so I got this cute stripy crop top with the back cut out, and I have wanted some ripped jeans for ages so I finallly got some of those too!

We have already bought our duvet cover set for our new bed, (see them here) but the quilt set we wanted only had the King size available, so that meant a new duvet needed to be purchased in King size. Which is okay because now there will be less blanket hogging. Then we bought 2 European pillows too. Adairs had a sale on, and as I'm now an Adairs member I get special discounts and free shipping. Lastly, I'm not a very big fan of Lisa T - (see this post) But I do really like this black wire fruit basket. Target had free shipping on, so I bought it too.

Cya xx

Wes Anderson Men's Costumes

20 Oct 2014

Thanks for all the love on my first Wes Anderson costume post!
Here is the next batch! 

Housewarming Gift Ideas

18 Oct 2014

The date that I will be moving into my new home with my partner gets closer every day and only increases my excitedness. Especially as the date will more than likely be in January now! Just before we go away to America for a month.

When we are officially moved in and settled, we will more than likely have a housewarming party to show our friends and family our new place. Friends & family separately of course. Phew.

Obviously I'm not expecting anyone to give any gifts, and am not having the party to just get gifts. This is more just a general inspiration post and hey if you wanted to buy anything well here are some helpful suggestions. ;)

When it comes to house warming gifts, don't go too personal unless you know the person quite well. Don't buy anything too large, or too novelty. Nothing too ornamental like a ceramic cat that you think is soo cute, they may disagree. (Hey unless they collect ceramic cats)
If in doubt go for a giftcard. It's not as impersonal as you may think, and they'll at least be able to buy something they like.

I scoured Urban Outfitters and picked out 6 gifts under $50. And don't forget, my fellow Aussies, when you spend over $50, shipping is free! So pick up something for yourself while you're at it.

6 Piece Cocktail Glass Set $34 | Laboratory Flower Vases $24 | Home for Now Book $25 | Bottle Opener $18 | Cocktail Set $49 | Blithe & Bonnie Candle $18 |

Wes Anderson Women's Costumes

17 Oct 2014

Halloween is just around the corner and I need some sweet ideas for a costume to wear to an upcoming Halloween party. I'm a big fan of Wes Anderson & his films so I picked out 3 of my favourite ladies from three of his films.

We Bought a Bed!

15 Oct 2014

So we knew that we wanted a wrought iron black bed but finding one that we really loved that was also affordable was going to be tough. We picked out beds at IKEA and Domayne and finally came across this beauty at Adairs.

We were lucky enough to find and order it when it was on sale too! Making it very affordable indeed. The bed will ship to our new home mid December, as we won't need it for a while yet.

We also have already purchased our duvet set as well from the same store. But unfortunately by the time we had got to it, they had already sold out of the matching European pillowcases and throw pillows. *frowny face*. Oh well, we will just have to get creative.

Hope you like it!
Cya xx

The Regans 2014

14 Oct 2014

On the weekend it was my boyfriend's sister's Wedding Day.
The day was beautiful and magical and perfect, everything you would want out of a wedding. I am so lucky to have attended, and really to be a part of their family. Well they all make me feel like I am already family.

Here are some great shots from the day. I can't wait to see the lot from the professional photographer.

My Watchlist - New TV Shows

13 Oct 2014

I'm a great lover of TV and I especially enjoy the seasons when all the new TV shows are released. Here are 6 newly released television shows that I already enjoy.

Dining Room Inspiration

9 Oct 2014

October Goals

8 Oct 2014

I'm a bit late on this one, but there's still time left to get stuff done this month! I believe it!

1. Keep Calm & Carry On
A life goal. I let everything hit me at once and I get super worked up and I cry and it's a disaster! It's going to be alright, I don't know why I sometimes feel like it's going to be.

2. Worry Less
I worry a lot, and currently it's just always about work! Am I doing okay, am I doing well enough, are they just secretly waiting to FIRE ME?! None of these concerns are actually warranted but it doesn't even slightly stop me from having daily panic attacks.

3. Beach more! 
I bought a really cute sunflower bikini set and now I really want to get a lot of wear out of it at the beach. I have actually been twice already, so I want to keep it up! (ps in the future my home will be a lot closer to the beach, yay!)

BONUS: Me in a coot bikini! 

4. Post More! Again
Last month was just a disaster in itself. I was too dead to post. I have a whole list of things that I'm ready to write about, so I just need to go ahead and post them!

5. Start Booking Accommodation for our Vacation!
We have all the flights booked, so this is the next step! Plus my passport should arrive in the mail any day now.

Savings Goals
Furniture Fund vs Holiday Fund
My holiday fund is actually full and done, I have my $5,000 set aside for the remainder of my accommodation and spending money.

I wanted to have $10,000 to spend on furniture, I was at $7,000 and then I just spent almost 2 grand on a new lounge, which has put my savings down but that's literally what it was being saved for. Awesome furniture. So Success! I'm still saving though! There's much more furniture to be bought!

Our 1st Furniture Purchase!

6 Oct 2014

I am so so excited to say that on Sunday, Josh & I made our first couples furniture purchase and it was this super lovely brown leather lounge. It's from the Freedom furniture store and we had fallen in love with it ages ago but had decided that it was a bit over our price range.
We stopped by today just to have a quick window shop, as the store is beautiful, sat down once again on our favourite sofa and were super surprised to see that it was on sale!

The decision was an easy one, we had picked it out repeatedly and hadn't really felt that way over any other couch so we bought it!

The Brooklyn 3 Seat Sofa in Oxford Tan. 

It's our first big purchase together and is a great starting point for styling and designing our home so we are just ecstatic.

We also joined Freedom's member's club "MyFreedom" for $99 which lasts for 2 years and has a great amount of benefits such as getting 20% off all full priced items as well as $50 giftcards on your birthday! Cheering! I see a lot of Freedom shopping in my future.

What do you think? What was the first big ticket item you bought with your partner?? I'd love to hear in the comments!

Cya! xx

September Goals - Updated

5 Oct 2014

This September was super stressful and I worked a wonderful 25/30 days. Completely forgetting about goals, and any type of life outside of work really. Phew what a month.

1. Watch Movies: - NOT REALLY
- The Fault in Our Stars YES
- Bad Neighbours NO
- The Normal Heart NO
- The Expendables 3 YES
- Muppets Most Wanted NO

Well that was a start, I did actually watch 2 more movies that I had been meaning to, "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day" and "The Royal Tenenbaums" so I did find some movie time. 

2. Do not buy stuff from my work Cafe - DONE
The goal here was to save money by not eating at the cafe on a regular basis. I bought a cookie once and a sandwich another day, but that was all! Out of 20 days I think that is pretty good. 

3. Save $300 a week - EHH MORE LIKE FORTNIGHT
My savings percentage wasn't that fab but I was able to save $300 a fortnight. I may have been working more, but I was working more at the job that has a salary, the job where I score my extra dough was beings sorely neglected so I was working more and raking in less cash. 

4. Let Go of My iPad Games.. - DONE
I had a serious problem. Kim Kardashian game is no more, but I do occasionally play Tapped Out, but its pretty rare so hardly an issue. 

5. Survive my Excessive Work Hours - DONE UGH
I only cried once at work the entire month. Which is a miracle. Trust me if you had been there, you would have known. 

6. Find time for Myself - YESish
Time for myself usually revolves around relaxing and catching up on some TV shows, washing my hair, exfoliating with my FRANK body scrub and getting a tan. So yeah I did find time to do those things, so I'm pretty pleased. 

Jeez what a month. It was so jam packed that it went really fast. It's ridiculous. We are already 5 days into October and I need to think of some new goals! 

Cya! x

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