Lets Chat with HUNTERhunter

16 Jul 2018 124 Darby St, Cooks Hill NSW 2300, Australia

Hey everyone! I recently did a little interview with HUNTERhunter, a great local online publication. They're basically my first stop when I want to find cool new places around my city! Especially cafes and restaurants, because there are so many.

I had a fun chat with Alicia about what I get up to with my blogging, what it's like to work at Scout by Abicus and where I love to get my coffee.

Read the Interview Here!

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Getting My Skin Sorted with Urban Skin & Beauty

6 Jul 2018 66 Glebe Rd, The Junction NSW 2291, Australia

The makeup free afterglow
On Friday I went and visited Nicole at Urban Skin & Beauty in the Junction. I was so excited to get a proper skin consultation as I've been having trouble lately with hormonal acne underneath my chin and jawbone. I also have a bit of a cold right now, so around my nose is red and peeling, a lot of the rest of my skin is very dry as well as it's Winter here and the weather has been gross.

Here's what treatments we covered today.
Nicole did a Specialised Skin Treatment on my face and all of the products that were used were by Alpha H.

The first cleanse that was done using a balancing cleanser, made up of aloe vera and vitamin e. This was a cream based cleanser.

The second cleanser that was done was a triple action cleanser that is specifically for skin with acne. This cleanser was made up of Thyme & Cucumber.

Then Nicole did a Pro X Gel Peel. Which is a peeling treatment that combines 30% glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid and botanicals. It's a skin resurfacing treatment which dissolves dead skin cells, stimulates collagen and cell repair. This felt super tingly but not in a bad way. Nicole applied some vaseline around my nose to protect it before the peel, as it was already super red and raw from blowing my nose all week!

It was overall a pretty gentle peel and a good introduction to face peels, with basically no downtime.

We moved on next to LED Light Therapy. See the mask in the image above!

Today we did the 3 mode setting which alternated between a few different lights.
Red which stimulates collagen production
Blue which kills bacteria and helps with the healing of acne
Infrared which helps to speed up the overall healing process of the skin

Afterwards a hydrating comfort mask was applied underneath the Azulene Rubber Mask which is calming and soothing for the skin. Nicole chose this mask as it's perfect to calm the skin after a peeling treatment. It felt kind of funny because it was so thick but really soothing on my skin!

To finish up the facial Nicole applied a 
Vitamin E Serum which is super healing, and amazing for acne
Vitamin B Serum this has niacinamide which strengthens the skin, helps to even skintone and hydrate the skin
SPF 50+ so that I was prepped for the rest of the day. 

It was such a relaxing and fun treatment, I can't wait to go back next month and continue my skincare regime with Nicole. 

You can book any and all of your treatments at Urban Skin & Beauty online now which I think is pretty much a requisite for any new place that I want to start going to. It can be stressful to call up and organise an appointment especially as you can't see the availabilities that they have, and to be honest I often decide I want to book myself in to things when businesses are closed! Like 10pm I want to make an appointment for next week. So good I can just pop on the website.

Hit me up with any questions via comments or instagram DMs and I'll get back to you xx

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I've Switched to Suki

29 Jun 2018 2 Ocean St, Newcastle NSW 2300, Australia

I've been bouncing around hairdresser in Newcastle for a few years now. My hair is important to me, I'm not ashamed to admit it. It's a big part of my look. The blunt bangs, the blonde balayage. It's kind of my brand, and I like to have the upkeep regular and done well. 

I've just started working with Suki Hairdressing in Newcastle. I've only had the one visit so far but it went so well and I'll be back again next month for sure. 

My hairdresser is the beautiful stylist Hannah. Laughably we had more in common than we realised, same high school and tattoos from the same artist. She used to rock blunt bangs like I do, so we're perfectly matched. 

For my first appointment I got my fringe trimmed and my hair cut shorter. I like it sitting on my collarbones or a bit above. I'll probably get it cut shorter again next time I go back. 

I had more blonde put through my hair, Hannah brought it up higher but still lower than my fringe. It's more thoroughly right through my hair now, so a bit more underneath and at the back as well.
I love the creamy colour of blonde that it is!

Hannah also used the L'oreal Smart Bond to strengthen my hair as she bleached it. 

In my next post I'll show you some of the products that I'm using to keep my hair looking amazing in between Suki appointments! 

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In the Kitchen with Smoko

26 Jun 2018

Here is my newest post for Smoko!

Always keen to share these with you guys, this post is all about using Smoko products in the kitchen. 
They have so many cute things that can be used all around the house. 

Click here for the post!

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Juggling my Day Job & Being a Blogger

3 Jun 2018

I work full time Sunday to Thursday at a fashion boutique around the corner from my house. I'm lucky enough to work a job that aligns itself a bit with my daily passions. I enjoy my day job, I really do. I also enjoy being a blogger/instagrammer. 

What started as just a hobby has now become a proper second job. I also am a Community Marketer for Bumble Australia. So that's two side jobs on top of my regular full time job. 
Juggling them is not easy at all. If you've been watching my instagram stories you would have seen that I've had to stop stuffing around after I get home of an evening, and actually spend time working on my other jobs. 

If this is what I want to do, then I need to put the effort in. 
But it's not just about having enough time. There's 168 Hours in a week. Take away 49 for sleeping, and another 45 for my day job, that leaves 74 hours left to work with. Which seems like it would be enough but it's not that easy. 

Bumble Presents 'I Feel Pretty'

3 May 2018 Northcott Dr, Kotara NSW 2289, Australia

If you follow me on instagram, you would have definitely seen what I've been up to lately, and that is working alongside Bumble as a community marketer!

Chill Out with Smoko Inc

21 Mar 2018

My First Pair of White Sneakers w/ Glue Store

1 Feb 2018

I'm not sure why I had never given this style a go. I'm definitely one to jump on the style bandwagon of a trend if I like the look of it, and I have always loved how people have styled their outfits with awesome white sneakers. I

f you looked through Fashion Pinterest Board you would find so many of my dream outfits paired with a swish pair of sneakers and still I never made the leap. 

When posting this revelation onto instagram, as I shared one of my first shots wearing my new shoes, I seemed to be quite late in joining this trend. My wardrobe filled with black leather boots, sandals and heels proves I was never one to stray far from the familiar. 

But what can I say. I'm a convert. 

3 New Shows Worth Binge Watching

18 Jan 2018

You don't get to be the procrastination queen without watching a lot of tv shows in your spare time. And by spare time I mean time I should probably be doing other things. But what the hell, I'm not am I. I'm watching tv. 

So that's how I know what is worth watching, and then I can pass that good ole advice on to you. 

My 2018 Resolutions

9 Jan 2018

It’s New Years Eve, I’m writing this as I sit in our cute beach Airbnb in Stanwell Park. Thinking that this is such a great way to begin 2018. Friends and drinks and good times all around.

If you haven’t read my attempts at 2017’s resolutions, you should check them out. Because I pretty much failed them all and with poor excuses why I did. I think excuses are stupid, because either way you still didn't do the thing. But at the same time, sometimes there's a valid excuse.

I've been thinking about what I would like to do this year. I'm still thinking. I don't think there's anything that groundbreaking or exciting. But here it is. My 25th year alive.
Let's do it!

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